Letter from Edward Federman

Ed Federman – Executive Chair and Managing Director of the ARA Group

Over the last eighteen years of operations, the ARA Group has grown as a leading provider of services and products for facilities and infrastructure. We are now present in over 40 locations across Australia and New Zealand and employ over 2,500 people across the Group. It is my belief that businesses such as ours have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which they operate. I am proud to say that ARA is on a mission to build a lasting legacy of charitable donations through our Endowment Fund.

The ARA Endowment Fund maintains the contributions as its principal balance and the annual earnings of the Fund are distributed to registered charities each year. The principal balance of the Fund is never drawn from directly, as a result, the ARA Endowment Fund is a sustainable source of donations for the years to come. Since starting the Endowment Fund in 2009, we have made donations to over 40 registered Australian charities.

Today, we are focused on our partnerships with three select organisations: The GO Foundation, which provides mentoring, leadership and educational opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth; The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, provides culturally appropriate and first language books to improve literacy levels for children in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; and The David Lynch Foundation assists youth at risk, victims of domestic violence and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to alleviate stress through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Through your support of the ARA Endowment Fund you are ensuring a steady and growing source of funding for our partners. This enables them to provide the support, resources to help people in their programs thrive and succeed.

It has taken ten years to build the principal balance to almost $2 million and it is our goal to grow the ARA Endowment Fund to $10 million in the next ten years. When we achieve this goal, the ARA Endowment Fund will have hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in earnings to contribute to its charitable partners in perpetuity.

Join us in building this legacy of lasting support and help us shape a brighter future for the people in our communities. 


Edward Federman

Executive Chair and Managing Director of the ARA Group